Tuesday, 25 June 2013

#EndRegionLocking and #NintendoRegionFree.

#EndRegionLocking and #NintendoRegionFree.

Nintendo fans took to twitter to petition for Region-Free games to be available for the 3DS and WiiU. Using the hash-tags, #EndRegionLocking and #NintendoRegionFree.

Region locking is a thing Nintendo used to avoid. Having the handheld DS systems Region-Free meaning that no matter what region you buy the game you can play it in another region. With the current region-lock on the 3DS this means that if you buy a 3DS game in the US you cannot play it on a European 3DS. 

Twitter and Nintendo fans tweeted pictures demanding to see a change in the RegionLocking.

Using the WiiU drawing features to create a campaign against further region-locking, fans directed messages to Nintendo. We are currently awaiting results.

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